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Week 8/25/14: Find limits graphically and numerically

This week, we will be learning:
  1. how to find one sided limits graphically and numerically.
  2. how to find limits at a point graphically and numerically

We will be using the following worksheets: Work on the best fit regression FunctionNotes Graphically and Numerically Limits 1, and  One-Sided Limits Graphically

Week of 8/18/14: Prerequisite Algebra Skills

This week, we will be reviewing/learning:
  1. the concept “slope” and its application in the real world
  2. how to find the slope and write equation of a line
  3. how to rationalize
  4. how to factor a trinomial
  5. how to factor the sum/difference of perfect squares/cubes
  6. how to find sin, cos, and tan of angle without using the unit circle
  7. how to graph piece- wise function and answer questions related to.

We will be using the following worksheets: Calculus and AP Calculus Review and Unit Circle and Piece-Wise Functions.


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